Friday, January 4, 2008

What is

What is I am not quite sure my self what is it until i realise it is a restaurant. Ever heard of Shabu- Shabu?. Nope? According to the second page of the menu of, Shabu-Shabu is a traditional dish served using thinly sliced meat that would cook in boiling water. In another words it is Steamboat Japanese style. What does it got to do with, well it actually serve Shabu-Shabu.

The interior of the restaurant is good as it has a classy look as it is a place where all the rich and the famous would dine. Said fair enough about the decor, the service they provide you is marvelous as they really do come asking whether you need any assistance and gives you a real warm feeling in the restaurant.

For my drink, it is not much a great thing as it is just ice lemon tea. During that day the weather is hot and i just feel like drinking something cold to quench my thirst. My brother ordered the fresh star fruit juice and it tasted so blend. They really got it precise when they use the term "fresh juice".

Coming to the food, for appetizer's i had Sashimi. For the record this is the first time i ever tried Sashimi and being worried because it is plain raw and maybe my stomach can't take it. Thankfully i felt nothing when i eat it and it taste well with Japanese soy sauce.

Moving on to the main course i ordered a set lunch with the meat i chosen which is chicken. It also comes with vegetable which are quite common and can be found almost anywhere. As mention earlier the chicken meat in the plate is sliced thinly, and in the middle there is minced chicken meat with an egg yolk in the middle.

The food are ready, now it is time to cook it. The food is all cooked in this very container filled with chicken stock soup for the meat to boil. When the food is cooked it is ready to eat. Once most of the ingredient is being cooked in the soup, this is the best time for it to be drink as it tasted "sweet" as it absorb all the taste in it.

A set of lunch would not be complete without a desert and this they serve us all time favorite ice -cream. There is two flavours available and that is green tea and black sesame. Personally i would say the black sesame tasted better and it is not as common as the green tea flavour.

Lastly the cost of my set lunch meal is RM 60.00, the ice lemon tea costs RM 7.00 and my stupid drink of my brother costs RM 8.00. Total up all together will cost RM 86.25 after adding government tax and service tax. Overall for a student it is very expensive to eat and i think there is much better place to go to then here. So if you feel like trying the Shabu-Shabu, come to the Jaya 33 loacated in Petaling Jaya Section 14 to check it out yourself.

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