Sunday, December 30, 2007

J.Co Donuts and Coffee

This is the first time for me being inside Sunway Piramid in the new wing. Honestly i think the design of the outside building is a little disappointing. I was kinda hoping for it to looks nicer. My first mission after having my dinner will be finding J.Co donuts to try out. I just read Jolene's blog about J.Co donuts taste good and i might as well go and check it out.

So the first thing i gotta find the shop. My goodness the new wing is pretty big inside and it is quite to find the shop since this the first time being there. Gosh i hate being so lost. It is time to search the directory. After walking for a moment i manage to find it.

I found you.

Once i reach the queue is incredibly long, so i assume it most be a real good stuff. After waited long enough i bought a box full of half a dozen J.Co Donuts. Goodness the price of a donut here is more expensive then Big Apple's Donut. In J. Co it cost RM 2.30 a donut where else Big Apple's Donut cost RM 2.00 a donut. There must be something good about this donut and it better be good because it looks exactly the same as Big Apple's Donut.

One thing that attracts me about this shop is it had real good deco and it gives you a good atmosphere when you enter the shop. Bottomline is J.Co is just another shop where you can just sit down and enjoy your chat with your friends and enjoy some lovely donuts and coffee.

Inside the shop.

Being a worker at a shop as busy as this won't be easy as orders are coming in every second.

The coffee table here as unique wording on it which describe the drinks in the J.Co.

This is pretty funny. It said that when Forrest Gump said life is like a box of chocolate, what he meant was a box full of J.Co Donuts.

Thats wraps up my time at J.CO , i just can't wait to taste the donuts when i reach home. Once i reached home it is time to eat the donuts and deliver my verdict.

My Donuts, not so sure of all the flavours but it surely looks tasty from here. It is time to eat. Hmmm what can i say, it taste good but it taste exactly the same as the donuts i eaten in Big Apple. Overall i am rather disappointed because i just paid 30 cents extra. But i must give credit because it taste a million times better then Dunkin Donuts and the shop have nice deco. If i were to choose again i got to choose Big Apple, there no need to think about it. Maybe next time i will blog about Big Apple Donuts.

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