Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Beauty Of Pongal

Last Friday my school have a Pongal celebration organized by the Hindu and Tamil society. Pongal is being celebrated by Indians as it represents the end of Harvest Festival. Here i joined the event and i have taken some photograph using my friend 's camera. On that day there is few interesting activities that happen and i manage to capture most of the events. Below are the pictures that i have taken.

The Indians celebrated Pongal by boiling rice with milk, topped with brown sugar with cashew nuts in a pot. So what they do is they make their own fire and let the rice to boil.

As we can see, there is many students who took part in this event.

Boiling the rice alone is easy but maintaining the fire in order to cook the fire maybe some tough work.

Once the rice is cooked, the moment the rice overflowed from the pot, they must shout "Pongal" as it is a custom of this festival which means a new year blessed with good tiding.

After that we bring the pot filled with rice and putting all the rice that is cooked and lay it down on the banana leaf.

Look at all the rice that that they all cooked on that day.

Another Indian Food that we have was Vadai.

Besides the rice cooking event we have another activities that is eating the sugar-cane constest. The rules are simple, who ever finish bitting of the sugar-cane with their teeth the fastest wins.

And our champion of the day goes to......

This picture will wrap up my post for this event, i Hope you guys enjoy the pics and thanks for reading.

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