Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good Bye Big Blue Building

If you ask what is Section 14 landmark, the most common answer you will get is it is, somewhere the big blue building is located. Well by the end of this year, there will not be any more big blue building to be a landmark. Sadly there are going to bring down the whole building to build some other building. The reason they are doing so is there are going to control the traffic so that it won't cause the jam over there.

I am a pure PJ boy, i grew up in this neighborhood and i always go to the Jaya building to hang around since i am a little boy. Once the building is going to be demolished, i am surely going to be missing this building and not forgetting all the convenience that the building provides. From simply hanging out at Starbucks for a cup of coffee(Once in a lifetime only), place to play snooker, last minute shopping for some cheap cloths, and as a student i am surely going to miss Popular in Jaya.

So before they bring down the building, i just take some pictures all to remember "The Great Big Blue Building" of Jaya.

Landmark that had been for years: This is taken right outside the building.

The entrance of the building.

A real great place to have expensive coffee and to use wi-fi.

The best place to buy the cheapest and nicest cloths in Section 14 area.

The prefect place to shop for stationary and buy magazine.

Psalms Oasis: This shop is great is you want to buy anything for your Christian Friends.

The picture of the Old Jaya and the current Jaya(I am too sure will they be any Jaya anymore after this.)

The spiral staircairs.

The only place where you can see the busy traffic of Section 14.

Most of the shop over here had already start shifting out to other buildings such as the opposite Jaya 33, 3 2 Square and the just opened Jaya One. So i guess here is where i end my post for now, hope you guys enjoy the pictures.

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