Friday, January 11, 2008

Project Bugs Complete

Yes it is finally done, yup one of our STPM assignment for Biology is officially finish and is being pass up to our teacher. All the hard work of collecting 25 various species of bugs had paid off and looking at our work gives us a great feeling of accomplishing it. Whether it is the bugs being really being caught or even buying it, it does not matter to me because as long it is done it is done.

We started our project by taking the easiest way out possible of finishing it which is by simply just buying our way through. Sounds easy? Well i am not quite sure about it especially you need to travel all the way to Gombak just to buy bugs, not forgetting that you must find own your way in somewhere out of your comfort zone. Before i even do this, i would not have a single clue that we can actually buy bugs and Biology students must do this assignment. No wonder bugs in Malaysia is getting fewer year by year.

Thats part of us negotiating and choosing what bugs can we get for a very low price.

Aren't they beautiful? You can always buy them, it only cost per butterfly is RM 3.00 for a common species and for a more rare species it is more then RM 5.00.

If we just buy all 25 species of bugs, it will be little too obvious that we just buy all of them. Therefore we need to catch them ourself. The location is chosen and it will be Kiara Park in TTDI. Beware Bugs in Kiara Park, we are coming! If anyone ever tell you that catching a living bug is easy, they are lying. They are actually quite hard to catch, well that is from my experience of catching. I personally just prefer to buy them.

Net set, "Killing Jar" set, We are all set to Catch Em All.

Look we manage to catch our first "victim" in our killing-jar.

Look they are the criminals that caught the bugs in Kiara Park, catch them not me(Cause i am not in the picture)

Bugs ready, all we need now is just to pin them up nicely and put them in a showcase that will look presentable. What we did was just a very simple showcase mainly consist of just manilla card board. What to do, we are not as rich as people that can afford them self a wooden showcase. A wooden showcase won't be cheap, so manilla card will just get the job done.I admit it may not look as elegant as others group but at least it looks decent enough.

A quick glimpse of all our 25 different species before we put them in our showcase.

Here is something funny, since when i ever went to Kuala Selangor?

I am proud to say that this our final product after putting enough effort.

To all the group members of mine: Hui Min, Malini, Kai Lee, and Winney, it had been a real great time working with you guys.

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winney not the pooh said...

yeah man,winney jeh jeh is here to leave u a msg lar goh goh...xD
yeah...nice pics...

n...the BUGs project is finally DONE!!!^^

thx for helping all the way oso o...=)