Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Second Week of school reopen

It is the second week of school session for the year of 2008. This is my final year of studying in SMK Sas, after finish this won't be coming back ready even they have form 7. Anyway just for your information my school have a new Headmistress. So new Headmistress, new rules, new atmosphere in school, all in time for the new year of 2008. Talking about new school rules it kinda had become a big issue that appear in few blogs of my friends(Yie Hahn and Tzu Ting) it almost felt like a mini political issue here.

This will also be my 7th year in Samad and i hope that it will be the best year of all. So what can i aspect this year?

  • This year have Carnival day.(Which i think it is most likely won't happen)
  • For Sports Day, Green House win this year(Did i mention i am the Green house newest appointed secretory?)
  • All of the Upper Six of year 2008 will archive good results in STPM(Something possible if all of us work hard =P)
  • I completed my school duties as a school photographer in style(What it actually mean i manage to take fantastic photo)
  • I finish my school session without any discipline problem(Lol since when i breaks the school rules, err minus the skipping class part)
  • Form Six activity goes well as planned.
There is many more but i don't think the list can go long any futhur. Anyway today the 9th of Jan 08, class of U6s3 celebrated Siew Kai Lee's Surprise Birthday Party at the school canteen.So before i end here enjoy the picts. =D

The combination of slices Secret Recipe cakes all combine to form her birthday cake.

The main person of the event.

Group Picture of us(Credits to Yie Hahn of helping us taking picture)

That all for now, hope to post another post as soon as possible.

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