Saturday, February 2, 2008

Valentine's Sales Bonanza

It is cupid month once again where the love is in the air of atmosphere of SMK SAS. Not forgetting,this is the best time to do some fun raising for the club. "Always puzzled on what to buy for someone special or feeling to afraid to give to someone that you had been admiring from far by yourself?"

If you feel so, it is the best time to check out the school canteen during recess to shop for gift just for this Valentines.There have some sales going on and they do delivery services straight to the person you want to send too.

So far as i noticed, clubs that have taken this chance to open up a booth to sell gifts are the Interacts Club, Leo Club, The Editorial Board, Choir Club and also the Economy Club.

Starting off with the Choir Club, they are selling some very attractive cup cakes. The price of one cup cakes are RM 5 each and it comes with a box with a message card.

The best cup cakes i find: I did not know the Choirs club members can bake well too.

Next moving on to the Edi Board, we are selling stress ball. It is round, squeezable, and it is cheap. It is a prefect gift if you are looking for something cute. It is also a multipurpose gift, it can be a decoration, place to put a pen or plain simple to squeeze it to release stress.

What is the significance to Valentines?"Maybe if you boyfriend or girlfriend did not get you anything this year you can squeeze it as hard as you can to release your anger". I was just joking though Haha.

Besides that the Economy Club are selling cookies for this event. Support them because 80% of the profit they earn will goes to charity. I don't know how true it is but why not just buy them for the good cause of it.

Lastly the Interact are selling some of their stuff. It is better if you visit their blog, which is well written by their editor about their project.

So if you are interested in any of their items, hurry up and get buying them before it is too late.

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