Monday, December 8, 2008

It's A Celebration

Well as many of you all might know STPM is finally over. Hurray to all fellow form sixes out there, we done it, good or bad we still manage to deal with it anyway. So close one chapter of my life and i am looking forward to open the next chapter of it which will be filled with list of things that i wanna do in life.

So far i manage to complete few of them which are the followings :-

Perform as a band.(Done that during Samadian Idol this year)
Find a thing that really interest you most(Photography is just my new born passion)
Manage one something that you can be really proud as.(Titian Bakti year of 08 is born)
Study your ass out.(Haha i did try my best for this exam)

That is just a few things that i manage to accomplish this year and honestly this two year of completing the STPM course will brings great memories to be cherish. So whats next on my "To Do" list are :-

Find a job.
Learn how to basic graphic designing to do a major overhauling to my blog appearance.
Party all day and night.
Spend more time with my family and friends.

Right i am gonna put a stop of my blogging right as and till my next new post.

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