Friday, December 26, 2008

Hohoho Year of 09 is around the corner.

Christmas have come and gone and now the moment that everyone is waiting for is to welcome the year of 2009 and say goodbye to the year of 2008. So new year, fresh start for some individuals and perhaps for some people its just another year to deal with.

Anyway i am always looking forward to new year as they say new year new adventure as for me my adventure will be looking forward to travel as much place as possible in the meantime more opportunity for photography.That is hopefully i will get my DSLR ASAP.

Well this year also marks the arrival of my STPM results(OMG!!This is the part i hate the most)yeah so get the results and hopefully they will put me somewhere in university

Lastly i hope that this coming new year will bring you good luck as some will start their brand new adventure no matter where you are.Cheers to the upcoming year of 2009!!

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