Friday, December 12, 2008

Gastrocnemious Agony

What is the heck is gastrocnemious? even i could not even spell it right from an health article about calf strain and i just cut and paste it straight into my post.
Right, for those who did not google it out gastrocnemious muscle is the scientific term for calf muscle.

Around yesterday,i was experiencing an extreme pain at my calf muscle and boy all i can remember it was the pain is excruciating. What causes it? i think it occur from the half a day walk in KL hunting for gift for a friend, dashing 100 M up a hill,
and perhaps dancing which i am not really good at it anyway.

So here i am with pain that i must bear, google it out and i manage to find a article which perfectly fits to help me understand my problem. So one part of the article states that one symptoms are the person cannot stand still with the foot being flat.Hmmmm...that really sounds like my problem.

Right so i read it,hoping that i might find a solution for my pain. Reading this article really reminds me about Biology class with Miss Thong except that this time i am experiencing it my self and i really got to read it carefully to find a cure for this pain.

From the article it clearly says that what i should do is rest well, restrict my movement which like wow i cant barely walk so i think it is pretty obvious what i should do. Finally a remedy that looks convincing, ICE it well and message the gastrocnemious muscle towards the heart, meaning that you rub and message it from the foot area towards the heart.

Okay here on all i can remember is my conversation with Jia Hui just yesterday saying that i have a dead leg and she ask what happen. Then i said i don't know the leg is dead i can't ask them. >.<

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