Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Arrgh STPM is about 40 more days left, which makes it 480 more hours of time to get prepared for it. Sigh time passes so god darn fast. Anyway i am very sorry for not been updating my blog which have been a normal thing since then. The worst part is i do not think i will be updating my blog till STPM is over.

Anyway i think the hardest part of STPM is the whole work load of one and a half year all cramp in a paper which takes about two hours to do. Really, it is hard and sometimes i do not get how people can stand just doing the paper without falling asleep.(It can really be boring if you do not study and you need to stay there, 2 hours of AGONY). Maybe this a good practice for us to prepare us to be a future leader of Malaysia. Come on, think about it if we can stay awake for two hours doing the paper we are so ready for Parliament.

K, enough about talking i think it is time for me to salvage my future by not screwing up this exam.

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