Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Inspiration just came into my mind and all i can think off is the word Expectation.It is a simple word yet it can be meaningful as we think deeper into it.In a matter of fact we have expectation during our daily lifestyle, so i guess you guys can figure out roughly what expectation means to you.

One classic example of expectation in life are expecting to excel in whatever you do.Yes it can brings benefits as it somehow motivates you to do better and perhaps not to give up in what you are archiving. As however it can do you some damage as we all know that stress are silent killers and this will ultimately bring us down pretty fast.

We also have expectation of something will turn out good in what we wish for, as i think it is human nature and i think humans are greedy creature as all i want is the best for us and nothing bad. Once again it have it owns downfall. Ever heard "Be careful what you wish for" or "Do now put your hopes to high"? Well that explains when you put too much hopes in it and when it crumbles to pieces you will feel the pain and trust me you do not wanna feel it.

Last but none the least we expect the worst thing that will happen to you is gonna happen to you. I believe we all experience it before that something bad will happen and it just frightens you off and this creates a deep fear in you. Okay taking for example, you are sitting for an exam and you just feels that you will do badly in it, does that somehow ring the bell for you.

Anyway the questions remains are you gonna fight to overcome your fear of just follows your guts and continue to being afraid when you know you maybe stands a chance to overcome it?

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