Saturday, February 9, 2008


Quality Control or short formed QC is important to sell most of products out there in the market. For instance you would want to waste money on something that is not up to mark right? Here on this will be my first official post that will be condemning.

Ok so last Friday i went to eat lunch at Pizza Hut in my hometown in Setiawan, Perak. The moment i entered, i felt that this may not turn out to be quite good to have a lunch.

The place is noisy, crowded with people and there is a FLIES on the table on my left. OMG this is not much a difference compare to a typical Pasar Malam.

Since we are already here we did not care much and just wanted to faster eat and the hell out of this place ASAP.

10 minutes later our bread stick arrive. All of us are stunned to look at the food. It is not that it is amazing or the food looks good or what. Instead the opposite it look like shit. What we expected it is to look like this.


Wow such a huge difference, so we called the manager.

My Dad : May i talk to your manager.
Waiter A : OK. I will get him now.
Allstar : Yes Sir, may i help you
My Dad : Yeah, your bread stick does not look appetizing. So what are you going to do about it?
Allstar : Errrr. For a moment yeah, i will get my manager and will get to you back.

5 minutes later, there were no sign of the guy who are suppose to called the manager. Even by that time we had finished the soup that does not taste good too.

This mushroom soup have too much starch in it where else the other two soup is too diluted. Sigh, does anything taste good here. At least the pizza must be good and so i hoped.

That blows it, the pizza that arrive SUCKS TOO.

How on earth can you cut the pizza like that. This is way too much for us to take and we demanded that we need to speak to the manager right now. So we called back another waiter.

Waiter B : Yes Sir, What can i do?
My Dad : Where is your manager? I thought that guy is suppose to bring us the manager, why is he not doing so?
Waiter B : I am truelly sorry. Our manager is currently not around.
My Dad : K. So how on earth did you cut the pizza like that.
Waiter B: Oh Sir, the person that cut the pizza is still new to this.

I guess there is not much thing i can expect anymore from this place. Overall this is still a kampung area.

What i am really disappointed is although this is a kinda a rural area but Pizza Hut is well known and there is reputation to be taken care off. Overall Food SUCKS, Cleanliness OUT, Service OUT, Wasted whole lots of time and money dining there.


Jia Hui said...

this post is really good! and disappointment in pizza hut!

ps, i didnt know one of ur parents hometown is in setiawan! i have frens from there =)

Wong Weng Wai said...

Wait till you try the OldTown White Coffee in JayaOne where I worked there before...

Psylancer said...

LOL... loved the FAILED label at that manager... classic