Friday, February 29, 2008

Home Security

Have you guys ever test how good is your security at home. Not Yet? well maybe it is high time to do so. For a start try breaking in your own house, yes i really mean it try locking your house and use various ways to break into it. Lol anyway i am doing this post by lifetime experience that i never thought i would never experience but unfortunately i did.

Anyway just for your information, my house had been tested and it is rated 98% safe free from thieves. So if you even try thinking of breaking my house, think again. What really happen was, my family and i was lock outside and weirdly we don't have a key to open our house cause it is in the house while we are outside.

Things like this can happens once a while so be prepared if one day you find yourself locked outside without a key. =) So what happen is my dad called our neighbour out and asked if we can burrow some tools to do some breaking in job. We burrowed a hammer and tried to hammer the door knob hopefully it will get loose and we can open it but yeah it is still locked tightly after receive some tough banging. Hopefully no dumb fools really called the police and report on us trying to break in to our own house.

Feeling already frustrated, we gave up and started to think that burglary is just not our job. Next we called the locksmith that we should had done so perhaps so much earlier. The locksmith arrive and he said with a huge smile(Because it is almost past 7 and he considered himself lucky to have business that period) saying that everything will be taken care off.

Wow he done it in time less then 10 minutes. What he does is he just take two bloody wire and just twisted here and there and thats it the door is opened. Thats really just reminds me of Mc Gywer expecially the part when he handles the tool.

Lastly we just paid him off and yes my home had been tested it is safe. So what are you waiting for go lock yourself out and break in now and if you can't open it after testing go call a locksmith it just cost RM 40.

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