Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ma What?

Chinese New Year is always been famous with various delicious food, getting money from angpao and also Gambling. Feeling bored playing cards game like black jack or poker to gamble, try playing Mahjong instead.

Mahjong is a Chinese tile game consisting of minimum 3 and the most 4 players to play. It is easy to play and i am sure it is a fun game to play during each CNY. In order to play this game you must be good in one particular thing which is be able to read Chinese wording.

This is because there are tiles which are marked as the winds in Chinese which is east, south, west, north. Surprisingly the order of the winds is different then the normal one we used. And it is crucially important to be able to recognize number one to 9 in Chinese too.

If you read wrongly and u called out a game win, you end up losing for a very silly mistake. Anyway no need to worry so much because most of the people that does not learn Chinese words, they just simply memorize the pattern of the tiles.

By the way, there really one more thing you really got to know about this game, which is this game is very addictive. Trust me on this, during this year some of my school mates came over to my house for visiting cum dinner cum Mahjong and once they start they are very reluctant to call it a day and just go home even when it is already 10 o clock at night and there is school in the next morning.

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Psylancer said...

HOI! What is this, playing mahjong without me.