Wednesday, January 21, 2009

To Work Or Not To Work?

If i so happen to bump into someone or rather just chatting up with my classmates,the very first thing that they will ask is "So Are You Working Yet?"

Gees,i guess i am just getting bored of that question already.Well just for your information i am not working part time or what so ever and merely becoming a bummer who just stay at home.While i am just staying at home or some may consider it as rotting at home,my friends out there are making good money maybe just in time for their Chinese New Year shopping spree.

So To Work Or Not To Work?,i mean it really do depends on the particular individuals but if you ask me personally i would say i do not feel like working for now.Maybe it is my past experience when i am working as a part time promoter at F.O.S One Utama and there i learn that working do sucks.Imagine working long hours for example 10 am to 10 pm,or rather just doing the same thing over and over again.It really can get pretty dull and boring till you just get sick of it.Well that is just me speaking from my experience.

I felt that this is maybe the only time for me to really do something out of the ordinary and working is kinda out of the equation.One on my to do list is to travel,go and take a tour out of your comfort zone and expend your horizon.Traveling will only be more meaningful if you go with your classmates and Thank God my class is organizing one class trip(Redang i think)
Look at this way,a couple months from now we will collect our results and we will go on our separate ways of life,so let us just hang out while time is still within our reach.

Take this time to do things you have not done before do something extraordinary.For example lately i am trying my very best to compose and write a song.Pretty funny it seems,cause this is coming from a person who does not have any music background,can't sing for nuts and perhaps is not creative enough.Anyway that does not stop me from trying despite all that.It had been always been my craving and i was thinking it would be pretty cool if i can express my feelings and whats in my mind in the form of words and goes well in rhythms.

Well working does do benefits you one way or another,besides earning good money,you tends to know more new people,make new bunch of friends,expend your network and who knows you might find love there.That is not all,you also will build up your experience and get a sneak preview on how the worlds works.So technically it really is not that bad if you can stand the hardship of life and if you do work i wish you all the best and hope you do enjoy your work. =)

Anyway i will come to a conclusion that if you choose to work,it is fine as you are being productive in your life.If you do not choose not to,it is also okay as you will spend most of your life working so now or later it really does not matter.However as for me i will choose not to work for now as i try to make my life more meaningful in a whole different way and maybe will only start working the next time if i really do need extra cash.

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KaiYing said...

i love working!!!
i love the feeling of getting exhausted and feel lik dying!!

anyways, congrats on composing a song!! is weird from u though. hehe.