Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is Being Average Okay?

I just got my MUET(Malaysian University English Test) and i got band 4. Band 4 is the third highest from ranking. Third from the highest not bad it seems, but somehow i do not feel the satisfaction of getting the band 4.You see band 4 is the decent achievement that most average people may get.So something come across my mind and the question here Is Being Average Okay?

After you get your results which is far below your expectation you tend to express your disappointment one way or another taking for example you go and hang out with your friends and all of sudden you will show off your frown face and from there people will obviously figure out there something wrong with you.Right after that,you will just spill out your feelings.I am sure you then come across this advices,"Come on don't be too hard on yourself" or "Oh,don't worry it is not that bad or the classic "You can try again next time". Right i am sure this words would do you no good as somehow you are just plain disappointed with the results and you are also disappointed with yourself till nothing else mattered except that your results will miraculously change.

However about getting my MUET results,it is not that surprising.I know that i will not get band 6 and i just felt that i just may get band 4 instead of band 5.It kinda gets into your mind pretty much so that i even dreamed of getting band 4 before it even happen.Yeah i admit it,it sucks to get band 4 and it will suck more if i get below then that but i would do anything to get a better results right now(Going back to the past is a option).

I guess this is the part where i will get over it and there is nothing for me to do.I think the first step that i must take is by accepting the fact that i am just an average guy who have decent skill in the English Language.Gees this really do suck and the consoling part makes me feel like i in a rehab.

Lastly i wanna say i am sorry for being disappointment to anyone if i do so(Mainly to myself).And time to start praying hard like never before because the end is not yet here.The STPM results is yet to be known and until that day comes i will be praying.Not praying for a fabulous result but to pray for an average results of terrible result which that means failing all the subject. >.<


ChrisFong said...

Chill man. I got a fucking four too.

Chen Lam said...

Yup..Screw that MUet la..lolx

KaiYing said...

omg!!! chris got band 4?????!
i got band 4 too!! then i think MUET SUXXXXXXXXXX. so wrong..

SCREW it!!!!!!!!!