Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gone CNY Hi Valentines!

Hey, i know i have not been blogging for a quite some time, my bad.This is due to the business and laziness during the CNY period.Too much good food,gambling,drinking equals to laziness in blogging. =)

Well i am not going to really blog about CNY as i think it's pretty pointless instead i would love to talk about Valentines.So the special day is just around the corner,minus today its just 3 days away.Pretty fast huh,well so do you really have a plan for it?

To the guys out there, if you really do not really have any plan.I suggest that it is time to open up all the angpaos you earn during the CNY.Open all out and start calculating the money out there and from there at least you have some cash to start on.

So now you got the money,the next step is to choose what you wanna do with it.Starting from basic, flowers is never wrong.Choose wisely your flowers,i mean really do choose well your flowers.Different flowers brings different meaning and different amount of flowers bring another meaning too.So please do google on flowers before you buy her flowers k.

Next, start to find a special place for you to dine in.Choose a place which is nice in the surrounding and choose a place which gives you privacy.Well Valentines is just one a year and i am sure both of you would wan to spend the day alone and no one there ruin the moments.Once that is done you have won half of the battle already.

Lastly,just for the finishing touch, a prefect gift is always the best thing as it brings solid memories for the memorable day that you spend with her.The best gift is always something that you create on your own.It may not be expensive,as long you put effort in finding or creating the gift.Use your own creativity, it may be a jar of folded love shape paper, or maybe just a jar of cookie that is baked by you.

So Valentines day is really a day to look forward too,but don't get me wrong you can always spend the days with your friends if you have no one to spend to with.Well at least that what i have been doing for many years. >.< Last reminder,be true to your self and please do express your feeling to your someone special as i think if you have not done so,that day may be the best time to do so.


Mei Fong said...

waaaaa..sound like a pro eh? Haha..so what's your planning? =P

Chen Lam said...

haha..my plan ah??nt sure yet..one thing for sure i wan go for cell group lo =P

Jia Hui said...

Do you know, even the thought of you doing all those makes me smile. what's more imagining you doing it for ahem ahem *grins* =D gambateh ya! ^^

Chen Lam said...

To Jia Hui..dun la say until like that i feel very shy d >.<

Sphwong said...

oh u guys r into the plot to?? ;)

U guys know bout 'that' night? *winks*

hahaha. wishing clam the best of luck!