Saturday, January 3, 2009

What I Use To Hate Most About Going To School

This year i successfully broke a record,for the first time ever when the new year starts i have no need to prepare to go back to school.Well i am suppose to break that record last two years ago but instead i choose to continue my studies at form 6.So that sums up a total of 11 and a half years of schooling, 5 years in primary(I skipped standard 4 due to PTS) and 6 and a half years(5 normally but form 6 adds up another 1 and a half years.

All right, back to the topic.What I Use To Hate Most About Going To School?.

It is a torture to actually wake up in the morning when the suns are not even up yet. Then you get ready and eventually goes to school with your hearts still wanting to back to sleep.Morning assembly is the least place i ever wanted to go as i recalled my memories of schooling.I branded the Assembly ground as the lair for the vultures hunting for food where we a normal students are the food and the prefects are the vultures.You see the prefects are
always targeting students fault and its like they are get some sort form of high when they manage to catch a student.

Anyway just so we are clear, i am not really a anti-prefects but in the matter of facts i am a friend of prefects =D.Next the morning assembly is the part where our brain cell is killed and it is pretty ironic cause our day just started to actually study something and half our our brain cell are already dead.I mean we are practically sitting there doing nothing but to listen to teachers lecturing us again about discipline and etc and its like almost the same thing every week and its make us feel like De-Javu every same week.Sometimes when the nature are not showing us enough mercy we will be sitting down there facing the sourcing sunlight while still listening to their never ending speach.Do you know whats funny about the teachers speach, before they come out the mc of the day will say "Sekarang mempersilakan......untuk memberikan sepatah dua kata" but we all know that we are all going for a trip to dreamland.

So that it what i have to say today, hope you guys enjoy reading it i know its kinda long.Finally to those who are going back to school tomorrow hope you all have fun and enjoy your schooling session of 2009 and hope you all shall endure the annual Monday Morning Assembly.


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