Monday, February 16, 2009

Getting Out Of Cash...

Sigh the moment that i ever afraid have arrive,i am getting low on cash.Well maybe it is high time to get my working ass moving and stop bumming.Actually i am still quite reluctant to work as i feel that i still have lots of thing that i wanna try out but being jobless means i do not really have income rolling in instead just money rolling out.

One bad thing about you not working is when you are free and you feel like just hanging out with your friend and you started to scroll down the name list of your friend on your mobile list and you will find that 80% of them are working. >.<
It's really feels kinda suck at the beginning but i got use of it as time passes by.

So yeah,i shall and i will do find a job,(I know i had been saying it for quite a while but it does not seem to happen)


Sphwong said...

u want work. find me. i know where can get better pay then me.

Jia Hui said...

lolllllll. people who are running out of cash would not be thinking of going out with frens

you spent your money where arrr???