Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Does Miracle Exists?

Do i believe in miracle,honestly no i do not believe in miracle.Anyway it would be nice that it really does happen and right now could have been the best timing for it to happen.If miracle does happen,all i can wish for is i can get a decent results for my STPM.

Yup Yup,D day is just around the corner.Crap,i am like so nervous every time i think about it and did i mention that it scares me to believe everything is so coming so quickly now.They say the past is the past and there nothing much that i can do but
i don't know just slight thoughts what the results will be is so frightening.Arrgh!!
This sucks!=(

Maybe there just one last thing that i can do,which is to pray as hard as i can.I do got to admit i am not really the type of guy who prays a lot and i am not so sure whether it works but take it this way the only last option that i can do,maybe it won't help but it do helps me to calm down a little.So if you are reading this post maybe you can help me to pray along =P


Jia Hui said...

all the best!

hui min said...

it does, dat day i back home late at 5am and i wasn't dead...