Monday, September 22, 2008

Free Voice Call

Yesterday i receive a message from Maxis. It says Happy Birthday!Enjoy Free Voice call to any Maxis No on 23-09-08 which its on today. It is your Hotlink Rewards on your special day. When i read this message i was thinking wow fast time have past my birthday is on May and and my birthday coming again?

Then i start to think again, wait my dad birthday is today(Happy Birthday Dad =P ). So i think Maxis is being unfair to their customers. My birthday passed and they did not even send a message of free gift or so.

Anyway once it is past 12 midnight i decided to test it out and see whether it is true that they really does give free voice call. I message to most of my friend that is using maxis line asking anyone that is still awake.

Not much reply though except for one,Yie Hahn . Before i call i check my balance it says that i have RM 32 . Okay so i called Yie Hahn up and talk around 4 minutes and i hung up to see whether does Maxis charge my call.

Woo...It works! Haha my credit still stays at RM 32. I just can't imagine who else would i try calling for the whole day. So it goes down to few options:

a) My Family
I did call my dad but to wish him but he could not talk long as he is working.My
mom and my brother is using Digi so it goes out of the equation.

b) My Close Friends
Hmmm...maybe that won't be really an option cause most of them are either
having lecture so they won't be free to answer the call. This is what you will
get if you are studying Form 6 and all of your friends are studying in college.

c) Hot and Pretty Girls
Without doubt this is the best option that i can think off =) . Imagine calling
a girl that you are interested and you did not even pay even a single cent
when you talk to her. Sounds like Heaven to me or maybe it is almost to good to
be true.

Anyway this all i have to write now, as i am finding some people that i can call while it is still valid.

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Jia Hui said...

what??? we are not your close frens???? *EMO LOOK*