Saturday, September 20, 2008

Get Some Souls

As some of you all may not know, STPM is around the corner it is like 1 more month left, yeah. Trials happens last week and will continue till this week. Arrgh STRESS!!
So i decided after one fine studying moment i went channel surfing.

There was this show Reaper, actually i heard of it before it is about a guy who his soul is being sold to the devil and now he must work for to devil to deport back escape soul that get out of hell.

When i heard it i was thinking, hmmm another corny ghostbuster wannabe? Anyway i do not have much choice as i think there is only one show that would be good.(I do not Astro so depending on Free National Channels avaiable)

So i watch, hey it did not turn out that bad, there quite humorous and the best thing it the actress acting it looks good =) (Jessica Stroup and Missy Peregrym) . What a good way to destress my self. In the end i end up looking for Reaper episode an in Youtube and maybe addicted to it.

So if you are really following up in my blog, maybe you should start watching it.

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Tara said...

Oh, I watch Reaper. I love the show. If you'd like to talk about it with other diehard fans, feel free to visit us at the Reaper DMV.