Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My First Designing Task

2 weeks ago i was asking Kuan Li,

Me : Hey so when are you going to pass up the Scouts Leavers Page?
KL : Chen Lam, don't ask la. I am stressing because of Cultural Night d.
Me : Oh. So anyway who is designing the page.
KL : So far no one. Hey can you help us to design it since everyone is busy preparing for CN?
Me : Hmmm. I see first what can i do first la. No promise though.
KL : Never mind la. If you are free only do la if not it's okay.

So since i have some free time to spare a little why not testing out my hidden artistic sense.(Kuan Li better hope a have some in me though) So this is what i have done.


Basicly what i have done is
a) Use their candid Picrture as their background and i layer it with black color with adjusting the opacity.
b) Put their C.O.H. picture and their troop header.
c) Type out their whole list of C.O.H.
d) Touch up with some colors.

Overall this is done within 30 minutes only. After doing this feeling quite proud of my self i went to school went into the Scouts Den then i saw Su Hoay layout for the interact page. It is so much nicer then what i have done though. Then i ask her how long she take to finish it. She replied around 4 hours. I was like okay >.< (P/s : Kuan Li sorry if it not nice yeah)

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