Thursday, July 17, 2008

From Photographer Turn Designer

Sigh when i put up a post title first design page, i did not expect that there will be any more page to come, but somehow i got some bad feeling about it. My guess were right i need to design for the school magazine. This time not one but i need to design two pages. >.<

Rocket Launching

For me it looks really plain and simple but what can you really ask from a person who knows completely nothing about designing.

Ok task 1 complete comes the second. This time i some sort of run out of idea on how to design the page for career week. Then i google and type for some background template and maybe i can use it for my background. Then i saw this one with some bubbles on it and it looks really nice. Hmmm still thinking........

10 minutes later...........

What the heck la maybe i should just make a page with the pictures in circle, perhaps it will turn up good.

The product:

So that all for now. Got to go study for monthly test now.

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