Friday, July 25, 2008

18 going on 80

Today i had gone futsal with Yie Hahn and his brothers in Sports Plaza located some where near my school. Reason we had futsal was it had been a real long time since we played and his cousin from England was in town and was very eager to play balls.His cousin stays in London(Chelsea Area)so i can imagine hows football means to them in their daily life.

Anyway i would still prefer to be in the Merseyside(Liverpool Home).So yeah he said he will pick me up from school together with his brother after school and i was fine with it cause i have something to do which was to teach Su Hoay how to use photoshop.Sometimes i just wonder the same question since when i jump into the path of the designer when all the time i will fail in my arts exam.

So yeah the game started and we manage to kick balls with all our heart out for 2 hours.
Next we went for a short drink and i manage to hitch a ride to Section 14 from Aaron.
From there one i walk my way home.Once i reach home i barely can feel my body functioning as it should be. Its like it just stop functioning back then.

Practically i was like exhausted but never really felt like this before in my entire life.So i came with a stupid theory thinking maybe i am getting old.Yeah i know everybody is getting old but what i felt was like i am at the age of 80 where i am just only 18.I still can remember those days where my life had been really active where i can play basketball in the morning go out in the noon and evening another round of basketball and when i get home i would not fell that tired.

Could this be that i am really getting old?Well the is another reason of my fatigue behavior which is i had been lacking of exercise.This is due to the busy day life of a form 6 student or rather the laziness of them.=)

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