Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dining in at Nando's Sunway Piramid

Feel like having a nice dinner consisting of full course meal which will tackle your taste butt? Nando's will be your perfect choice and it will worth every penny of your money when you dine in.Recently i had my dinner at Nando's Sunway Piramid. If i am not mistaken in Sunway Piramid Nando's is at the lower ground floor which at the old wing.

If this so happen this is your first time eating at Nando's there are few flavours for your chicken. What i called it, is the degree of how spicy can you take.

As depicted in the picture, the Extra Hot Peri-Peri will give definitely provide you the most kick in spicing up your chicken. Unfortunately i can't take my food being too spicy, I went for the mild. Lemon and Herb will be only better for kids i assume, and mind you, I am not, hence the mild flavour. If you happen to own a UOB credit card you are entitled for the Peri-Peri Mumbo set. It is a promotion where you purchase two quarter chicken platters and you are entitled one for free. If that is not good enough it also comes with a free lemonade for every platter.

One platter consist of the quarter chicken and comes with two selectable sidelines. Sidelines to be chosen are Mediterranean Rice, Grilled Corn, Potato Salad and also Coleslaw. But during that night i could not resist my self from ordering something extra called the Espetada.

That is our meal, my mild chicken and potato salad and coleslaw for my sideline.

What is Nando's if you did not take the sauce, i normally will take the garlic sauce which is not so spicy and it is enrich with the great taste of garlic.

Here is another picture of the 1/4 platter that i had during this Christmas Dinner i had with my family.

Back to the Espetada, it is a meal comes with 4 nicely sliced and grilled boneless chicken with capsicum , Peri-Peri wedges and also salad on the plate. Maybe this picture will explain it better then words.

The chicken is being place on this metal bar and on the bottom will be the wedges and the salad.

Only one words that describe this chicken best, Juicy.

The wedges is being sprinkled with some seasoning powder that taste good probably MSG is being added. The salad taste extra special because the juice of the chicken drips on it giving it an extra taste and kick.

Lastly the cost of all this lovely food. For the Peri Mumbo platter one cost RM 17.80, while the price for the Espetada is RM 23.90. So the final total will be the sum of two Peri Mumbo platter and one Espetada and it rounded up to RM 68.43. So are you ready to challenge your taste butt?
One last word i want to say is Bom Proveita which means " Enjoy your meal" in Portuguese language.

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