Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Story Of The Cat

Have you ever wonder it is very hard to be real good person in life? A good person that i am referring to now is a person that is always compassionate and caring to others and even to other living creatures. A person can try all his or her very best to be that person, but sometimes it seems to be impossible to do so due to various reasons.

Here i am going to tell the story of the cat. It started when i got back to my house in Shah Alam this recent Friday. (To all that does not know i am currently living with my uncle in Petaling Jaya and during the weekends or school holiday i go back to Shah Alam where both of my parents a staying right now.)Once i reach home , i started to relax a little bit while reading the Star Paper with a nice cup of cold coffee.

Suddenly i heard something that attracted my attention. It is a sound of cat meowing out of no where and it is pretty loud. I could not care any less as i continued reading my paper, but the sound does not disappear as it get louder . So i ask my dad wheres the cat come from?And so he replied last Wednesday when he came home from work he came to a shock where he found 3 kittens at the drain. The kittens are still very young and where he came to a assumption that the mother of the cat had abandon the kittens here.

So i ask my dad what are we going to do about it?Well he answered theres nothing more we can do. We are going to packed the kittens and going to abandon it at the bus stop and hopefully someone will take it and rare it. It seems pretty cruel right?that what i ask me dad. Then my mom said that there the only thing we can do because there is no way we are going to take care of the cat because i am rarely at home and both of my parents are busy working.

After that my dad said that he is going pack the kittens tomorrow morning. Feeling guilty a little i tried thinking of what can i do for the cat. I got them milk for them to drink but they did not really drink but they did not really drink it as they were too young for them to do so. They are still young as they needed their mother to feed them.

The next day before my dad packed the kittens into the box i manage to take some pictures of them. Somehow i felt very pity for them as i take their pictures. So my dad packed and put the kittens in the bus stop. As for today i went to check the bus stop for the kittens, The kittens are gone. Someone must had taken them home . Feeling glad cause at least there a people who willing to take those kittens and pray that the kittens will lead a good life.

The Pictures of the kittens:

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