Monday, September 21, 2009

This Blog Have Been Nuffnang-ed!!!

Anyone notice my blog layout? Look carefully and you will notice that most of my blog advertisement comes from Nuffnang.(90% of it) After long consideration i have decided that i plan to pledge and will commit this blog 100% to Nuffnang.

If you do notice, you find Nuffnang Ads almost everywhere, under my post, on the sidebar and at the most down part of my blog. Notice longer and you will see a Happy Meter and X Change Widget too. As bloggers, staying committed to one particular advertisement like Nuffnang have their advantages.

We get info on certain fun events, we keep our self connected within our Blogger's Community and what most important of all we get Cash for our effort. How simple to get some money? Is it as easy as 1, 2, 3; all we have to do is click on the ads and see the cash flow.(P/s: You all can start supporting me by clicking on any of the Nuffnang ads)

Wanna know more about Nuffnang? Just click on the link and see it for your self and lets all be a member of Glitterati together. What is that? You got to click to find it out.

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