Sunday, September 27, 2009

Desperate to get Digi

Blogging has been my new found passion. Being a Mass Communication student (In HELP College, if any may ask), I incorporate whatever I’ve learned and constantly trying to upgrade the quality of my blog.
I am just like any conventional blogger out there. Speaking his mind and conveying himself through the World Wide Web. However, blogging is an impossible task without any internet connection, and I for instance, do not have my own.

So where and when do I blog? A privilege of being a student includes access to the computer lab, and there’s where I work my magic. Normally I would draft my contents at home and publish them via the lab’s computer for time’s convenience. When I do feel like being connected and if I’m not in the campus compound, I would resort to cafés that provides Wi-Fi. So why not use a dial up @ home and save all the hassle? It is an option, I’m not denying that, but really… 56 Kbps? Not to be ungrateful, but I’m the kind of person who gets annoyed with lagging connection (stop sneering, I know you do too)

My daily quest of Wi-Fi area search usually ends up at my favorite location – the local McDonalds.
Why McDonalds? It’s because I can surf the internet the whole day with comfort and without interruption, plus (an insider trick here, shhh) you can buy a drink and have bottomless refills while you are there. An ideal situation you may say? Not so.
There are days where the place is fully crowded. I do utilize the power plug if I were to be there for a long period of time. On those days where I have arse luck, the power plugs would be conveniently damaged.

Call me a miser but I am just a student, without any stable income. Starbucks is a luxury, but if deemed necessary, I’m all in. One fine day, and not as fine as it turned out to be, I went to a Starbucks around my area thinking, “why don’t I pamper myself with a fine cup of coffee and enjoy the ambiance while surfing the internet?”

Well, everything was great but the internet connection. Defeats the purpose of going there in the 1st place isn’t it? The line is as slow as watching paint dry and constant disconnection doesn’t help lighten the mood either.

So I then considered subscribing to broadband services. At a local technology mall, I’ve surveyed and checked with a couple of dealers regarding the broadband services that they offer – from monthly payment to competitive benefits.

Undecided, I wandered off the mall and right when I step off the compound, I saw an enlightenment from the sky above. Is it a plane, no… is it a bird, no… is it… alright I’ll stop right there because it is getting corny, really corny. You made me forgot what I was about to say. Oh yeah, I looked up and voila, God’s sign – a huge, uber kick-@$$ advertisement by DiGi. If that’s what He wanted me to get, that’s what I’m going to get.

So that’s my blogging daily dilemma and thus, I am pimping myself to participate this on-going contest by DiGi. So, come along and support me by a simple click on the “I Support Broadband Done Right” button below. From there you will reach a site and just find my blog post and give it a thumbs up or you can just click here. Tell your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, parents, auntie/uncle, cousins, lecturers, cats to land a helping hand to help me win the broadband that I’m desperate for :P
Love ya people


James said...

Hi, great entry. I heard some bloggers getting some nice increase in site traffic coming from the contest. Hope you are experiencing the same :)

Chen Lam said...

Thanks. I hope i have more traffic also. =)

Eyriqazz said...

Congratz of winning Pimp MyBroadband Contest