Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Simplicity Over Design

Hello guys, i am back after my last post which i practically screw up my blog layout. Well actually the really happen is i am bored of my old blog design. This came about after reading some people blog which have much more interesting in the design. It seems that when you read someone blog, the mood of the reader is affected by the design of the blog. It is safe to say that when you visit a blog with amazing design, you tend to get more interested to read about the content.

Therefore i decided that it is time for my blog to have a makeover. I felt that my blog deserve much more then a simple template that is ready made by Blogger. After some searching on the website for some other template which it's design suits my desire. Next thing to do is just simply just paste the code into my Layout section under the edit HTML section. Technically it should work, however that is just not the thing that happen. It did not work.

I been wondering why it does not work but my misery does not quite end there, i kinda forget to save my original code into my documents. So there it, i officially screw up my own blog layout and there is nothing i can do to retrieve it back. Well done, this actually added into my list of STUPID THINGS THAT I HAVE EVER DONE. Since then i have taken a break from blogging indirectly taking this as an perfect convenient excuse for not blogging.

While on my mind i had been thinking much about what should i do next? The thing that came into my mind is actually why i should change the blog layout in the first place. Does the design always do draw the attention of the reader or the content of the blog? I mean having an great design is great but now i felt that my blog should be as simple as i can get.

No classy background nor fancy flash animations, none of that none at all. I wanted my blog to be simple so that the readers would find it pleasant and would get distracted by the other additions that were added to the blog. And so i did corrected my blog layout so at least it will look presentable. The end result is my blog do get a makeover in a way although it not an great one but at least it's still an makeover.


Adele said...

*ouch* i feel ur pain. html/css design thingies one of the most mafan things to mess up.

have always thought ur blog design is nice. clean and simple :)

anyway, glad u're back to blogging XD

Chen Lam said...

Gees thanks..haha i am glad i am back at it also..since now i owns my own laptop and have great internet connection..GOD BLESS