Sunday, July 19, 2009

Red Devil in Town.

As many would know, yesterday was an friendly match between Manchester United against Malaysia X1. Match that many have waited long enough(most of them are their fans or if not they are huge fan of big fan of EPL). As for me, i did not buy the to enter the game. Although i wanted too, i mean why not? It is like a one in a lifetime chance to meet some football stars and if you don't do so they might end up dead before you even know. Taking for example like the late king of pop Michael Jackson, i have not even meet up before and he dies at the age of 50.

Yesterday i went to the mamak for my routine evening "teh tarik" break, and when i reach there, i take a peak at the tv, woo they are broadcasting the match live. Pretty awesome timing, i did not even know they broadcast it live on Astro. Not bad, i still be able to watch the match without spending at least RM 58 for it. And so the match the match started. I believe any one would surely believe that Malaysia won't stand a chance against one of the Giants Titans of Football. Before the game, i was listening to an short interview on Shebby Singh(One of Malaysia famous football comentator).The question was How Much will the score line will be? He answered it will be 3 to 1 with the results favour the Red Devil. He added Malaysia will get a goal, does not matter how it will happen but they will score a goal. The radio Dj added another question, I know a "bomoh" and she is kinda good in making miracles. Will that be any help? Shebby replied if that can work we will be in the final stages of the last 5 world cups.

Back to the game, when i saw the match on tv, the players of Man U greeted the Malaysia players. You can obviously see the difference of height between the players, not forgetting for fit and lean there are compare to our National Team. It only took Man U 9 minutes for them to score a goal and shortly after that they added another goal to it. I was thinking to my self, please Malaysia try not to concede more goals to save the embarassment. Okay honestly for that moment i was really bored of the game cause somehow i just knew any second Man U get score another goal. (It is kinda frustating seeing Man U taking control, me my self is more of fan of the other Red in EPL). Came the minute of extra time of the first half. Malaysia score!!! Goal!!! When it happen i swear everybody sort of stunned a little a moment as wow they do manage to pull something out of the hat and it something big that came out.

For the record, that goal was one of the best i have ever seen, (for a Malaysia Player). Taken a long pass from the goalie, chest it down, and volleyed it past Van De Sar. It is just SUPERB. I guess it is not that boring after all. After a short break, the second half started. Man U make an sub for the goalie and here came Ben Foster(an english goalkeeper). Once again Malaysia surprise me, one back pass and a blunder cost them another goal and it the EQUALIZER. Can you believe it? Ben Foster continued the tradition of English Keeper to blunder. Amri the name of Malaysia newest hero.(kinda sounds like Henry from Barcelona) It's all euphoria in the mamak stall. People started to get excited and kinda gives them hope thinking that maybe we do can create miracle.

Almost the end, Malaysia defended well and prevent them from scoring, but all hopes were crush when Michael Owen scores the winner. I was kinda thinking that Macheda will score the winner as the Red Devil use him as a talisman.(Remember last season, all the boy created those lucky goals for them) But oh well, i never thought the day would come and i am proud to say that i am proud of the Malaysian Football team. To be honest, Man U never go all out but we got to give huge credit to the Malaysia X1. They really do improve alot.

When the match over, i was expecting to see that some Malaysia players wanted to exchange their jersey with the Man U stars. Surprising to see, none of them done so. Could this due to the jersey of red with weird black v stripes. For once i got to say the Malaysian players jersey look more attractive. Final score, Man U won 3 to 2 and wait a second. They are going to have a rematch again on Monday night because they cancelled their match in Indonesia. Never tought terrorist would be generous and give us more profit from the ticket selling. Monday Night, Red Devils Malaysia X1 rematch, anyone up for it?

P/s : I never wanted to blog about football but i felt that i could not resist my self from writting about this post.

Déjà vu on the 2oth July 2009, will they win this time? As much i wanted them to win, i really do not think so.

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