Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kaki Bola Anyone?

Football is just simply the most beautiful game that lasted for centuries. Now the great game have arrived at the arena where footballers from all Europe gather to claim the Euro biggest gold in Austria and Switzerland.

It will be an exciting to watch great talents like C. Ronaldo battle it out with other talents like the hot scorer Torres, giant striker Toni, and also new star of France Benzema. Will Greece defend their title or ex-Euro winners like Spain, France, Italy claim back their gold.

What makes this more interesting is if you a real kaki bola you will really enjoy this. Imagine you being a real manager in Euro where you can select your own player and just create your own first XI. Well you can do so in Maxis contest Euro Fantasy League.

From picking the best keeper like Buffon till top scorer like Ronaldo, it almost like a dream come true. Making things sweeter you must really look at the prizes there are offering.


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