Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Anything or Whatever

Have you ever come across this situasion.

You : Hey i am buying you a drink.What do you want?
Person : Errr i can't decide.Whatever la, Anything will be fine.

It is pretty a common scenario which happens to me most of the time whenver i ask my friend the same question.

Guess what? The next time i ask them the same question i am gonna answer them,.....

Me : Hey what cha wanna drink?
Person : Whatever la.
Me : Okay are you sure you want whatever?Why not anything?
Person : What is the difference?
Me : Whatever is not carbonated and anything is carbonated.

Well there is such a drink called Whatever and Anything and it is currently being sold in Malaysia.It is actually created by a young chap(A Singaporian) that must have been real bored of hearing whatever and anything when he ask a question. And it is not a bad idea though, i find it pretty interesting.

Whatever is non carbonated with random flavours. =) Cool huh?. Neway i got idea about this post all from Jia Hui and credit will goes to her.




The Flavours.

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irresistible said...

wow.. where can get those?? jusco???