Friday, April 11, 2008

Rendezvous Night

Here are the pictures of the IR night that i attended somewhere last week. Hmmm i am not so sure the upcome of the quality of the pictures of it cause this is the first time i am using a DSLR(LUMIX) to cover an event so please do correct me if there are flaws in those pictures. =).Anyway i arrive kinda late so i only manage to capture the midway of the event.

The Band - Lead Guitarist will be Jason, Bass Guitarist is Harman, Rhythm Guitarist is Leon,
Drummer is Nicholas Sim, and last but not least the singer Brendan James(The Rockstar) . Songs they performed One Last Breath and Stop And Stare.

The Dance - Consist of girl dancers like Jessica, Tiffany, Mun Yi and Charity. The guys will be Maula, Brandon, Keng Meng(Sorry if i spell it wrongly),Hong Zhen and Carol(Guy??)

The Disco

After The Madness

Finally the form Sixes: Up- Rehan, Eli, Kai Ying, Yie Hahn, Felicia
Down - Me, Brendan


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