Monday, April 21, 2008

Light The Passion Share The Dream

21 April 08 is a historic day for me and all the 10 th scouts of SMK SAS,(Current and Ex Seniors) where we were brought all the way to the hearts of KL from PJ. It is the Olympics Torch Relay and this year Samsung asked us for our assist to cheer and bring the event more cheer then ever. So yeah around 30 plus people were there cheering and enjoy the once in a lifetime experience. Here are the few shots that i took that day.

There were dozens of this red bus filled with anti-protest police. Heard that there is a group of 2 Japanese tried to protest but kinda being whack by them before there even protest.

Thanks Samsung for the chance and the goodies bag and the T shirt. Now i can go around saying i am a Chelsea Fan in it.LOL

I believe this guy is from China.

10 th PJ Troup of SMK SAS

This is where i get the title of my post.

They look like us, wear the shirt almost like us, BUT that is not us its people from Power.

Everybody wants a picture with errr.....That is Marina Mahathir right.

I did not know this is a red party affair.

The fire being pass on.

He got a "real long" thing over there.

Nice Tatoo.

Lastly the group pictures.

More about this event may refer to Tzu Ting Blog(She went to the same event and blog about it also) And i may not blog that often also due to upcoming school event but i will try my best to make my blog dead.

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