Friday, November 20, 2009

No Compromise for Mister Potato Fiesta 2009

Mister Potato is having #1 Mister Potato Contest, which will be divided into two categories which is the games categories and blogging contest, all with total cash prize of RM 20,000 in cash prize.

Games categories

You will be playing 8 stages of flash animation games on the Mister Potato website. Once you have clear all 8 stages, you need to upload of your picture dressed up as Mister Potato where you will get people to vote for you. 50 contestant with the most vote will stand a chance to join the Mister Potato Fiesta, where 10 of the best will be fight to be crowned as Grand Winner for the #1 Mister Potato contest.

Blogging categories

Blog about this contest and write about why i do not compromise good quality potato chips and if the judges find you creative, you will win the cash prize.

P/s: This is only for Nuffnang Bloggers

More details can be found at

Right now, i am suppose to blog about this contest and i decided that i am going to shoot a short video clip. How am i suppose to get actors for this video clips? Easy... just bribe my friends with Mister Potato chips.

So why i do not compromise quality of potato chips? Like i said in the video "Good Quality Chips Comes Together With Good Quality Chips" So no matter when you are watching tv at home, hanging out with your friends, or just feeling hungry where you needed a snack, Mister Potato is always there for you when ever you need them.

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