Wednesday, August 12, 2009

5000 Ringgit Say It Is Everyone Except For Me...

Recently have this contest. Simple contest really, register your self, listen to the clue and if it it's you, You win RM 5000. I did actually register, but i stopped half way when they ask me what are my average schedule of my life. For example, they ask what do you normally do during the hour of 7.a.m to 8.p.m, to 9.p.m. and etc.

The reason i stopped is because i am actually on a holiday, so therefore my time schedule will be very inconsistent. I may wake up at 12 p.m. or 1.p.m or maybe 2.p.m. , and so i stopped registering. I just could not decide what should i fill up for that question. I even thought that even though i do register, the odds are slim for me as all this while luck have not been with me.

Anyway for the past few days, i been listening to the radio and twice in a row i tune in to hitz, so happen two callers call up and they won RM 5000. Feel like a smack in a face, as RM 5000 is a lot of money as it can get me my camera that i been hunting after a long while.

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