Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's The Month of May

I am back, yup back to blogging i know i been blogging but oh well. Anyway as for my self i had quit my job at the office after just one month of working there. Saying goodbye to Canon Sprint and Print and EXPO Holding. Not much to be miss from there though except for some working experience from them.

On the 13th of May i will be starting orientation in HELP University College. I will be doing a 3 years degree on Mass Communication there majoring in Media Studies. I know people do ask me if you are doing Mass Com, why bother do form six. Well the truth is after form 5 i have no idea for my future so i decided to linger around studying form 6. Anyway i do thank god for guiding me through and now it seems clearer that my line will be in the media area.

As for today, 6 of May is my birthday. Well as for the celebration , we as in Chris and his sister, Jia Hui & Chae Yin went out for a movie in GSC in One Utama. We watched "He is just not into you". For me it's a not bad and some parts of the movie will do make you question on some stuff. After we went for pasta at Dave's for lunch, Oh my they sure taste good and the best part is it 50 % off.

Lastly, i would like to thank everyone who wishes me no matter on Facebook, MSN, or even SMS those messages do mean a lot to me. Thanks once again, You guys were great =)

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Yui said...

Happy Belated Birthday :)